Transporting technology equipment is part of our daily operations and is one of the most important and critical services we provide our customers. Whether it’s arranging for a data center deinstallation and dismantling, scheduling an inbound shipment or sending out an order, our experienced shipping experts can handle it all. We can pick up equipment anywhere in the continental U.S. in a timely and efficient manner. We specialize and pride ourselves on being able to help customers in time critical situations. For example, if a customer’s lease is due to expire and they need to urgently relocate their data center, we can provide the transportation and laborforce to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

This is also the case with outbound shipments. If a customer needs an item the next day, we will track it all the way to the customer’s door and make sure it is there in time for the scheduled installation. For international outbound shipments we have numerous shipping options depending on the size and weight of the items. We can deliver small boxes or freight shipments to most countries around the world except those that have trade restrictions with the U.S.