Computer Recycling and Disposal

Recycling Computers

As part of our daily operations we regularly recycle and dispose of material that composes any and all types of technology. Once we determine that equipment has no resale value, it is dismantled and separated by metal type (steel, aluminum, copper, etc…), plastics, circuit boards, cables, and into other categories, and then distributed to the appropriate specialty recyclers.

Recyclers then turn the material into reusable commodities. Our recycling services are for our in-house purposes which is why we do not offer that service to our clients, however they still get the benefits of equipment disposal at no cost to their organizations.

Process and Guarantees of Recycling Computers

To ensure our clients’ peace of mind about the end-life of their technology assets, we offer a Certificate of Destruction which contains the date(s) of equipment removal, location(s) from which equipment was removed, and quantities and description of items disposed. We will ensure that the recycling and disposal process is manged properly and responsibility.